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Infant hygiene

Infant hygiene

It goes without saying: When it comes to maintaining your baby’s hygiene, there are no shortcuts. Newborn babies are highly susceptible to infections as their immune systems are still developing. This means that they need special care, attention & precautions, especially when it comes to hygiene. Baby’s hygiene plays an important role in developing their immune system and keeping them away from diseases.

Certain tips on how to follow good hygiene to keep your young one healthy:

  1. While your baby starts crawling, she/he will often be in contact with the floor. Therefore, when you clean the floor of your home, try not to use chemical formula disinfects as it may harm your baby.
  2. Ventilating your home often is very important for your baby. You should especially ventilate your home in the summer, so your baby won’t be affected by dust or germs inside the house.
  3. Always store your baby's clothes in a separate wardrobe. You should take care and do not mix their clothes with others in the family. Adults go places where babies shouldn’t be, bacteria can be transmitted easily to your baby’s clothes.


A good bath is necessary to keep your baby clean and tidy. Bathing 2 or 3 times a week is enough for a baby in the first year. Excessive bathing can lead your baby’s skin to go dry and chip.

  • It is advised to go for a sponge bath for your baby till the time the navel area gets completely healed.
  • Position the baby on a surface that is soft, spread a soft towel in a warm room. Hopop also provides a compact baby bather for safe bathing.
  • Keep the warm water ready while you moist bath linen, and gentle baby soap. Make sure all these things are easily accessible.
  • One of your hands should all the time be on the baby which keeps the baby warm and carefree. Do not use soap on your baby.
  • Wrap baby in a soft and clean towel or Hopop muslin swaddle immediately after the bath.


  • Mothers must take special care towards the baby's ears.
  • Make sure you are washing only and strictly the outer ear and not the inside of the ear.


Proper cleaning of the baby's nose is also essential for proper hygiene.

  • Look out for dried mucus collected in the nose and clean it well, as this can sometimes create a problem for the baby to breathe.
  • Use a damp washcloth to remove the mucus from nostrils.
  • A nasal syringe can be used to remove excess mucus.
  • You can also use a nasal syringe to remove excess mucus from a runny or engorged, to avoid breathing problem.


  • Baby's nails are an important part that needs proper hygiene.
  • Always keep baby's nails well-trimmed with Hopop nail clipper with finger guard so that he/she cannot scratch or hurt himself/herself.
  • Trim your baby's nails when he/she is in sleep as this is considered an ideal time for this.
  • Do not cut the nails tip too deep that may hurt.
  • Baby -sized nail clippers or scissors can be used to clip the nails which are provided by hopop which is suitable for your baby safety.


Cloth diapers are advised to use while you are at your place and can have regular checks and change it as they tend to not irritate the baby. These diapers do not cause rashes to the baby. Buy diapers service for traveling and pick those that are soft and have more absorbent quality.


There are a few things that you must always take care of in order to keep her baby healthy and eliminate any kind of infection. Taking care of the equipment that the baby use.

Care of feeding equipment

A feeding bottle is used by all the babies, irrespective of the fact that they are on breastfeeding. Even breastfeeding mothers require a feeding bottle for expressed milk. So it becomes extremely important to pay special attention to keep these bottles clean and sterile.

All the articles that come in the contact of milk and are used by the baby must be washed in hot soapy water. A special bottle brush should be used in order to remove any kind of milk residue from them.

Use clean water to wash and sterilize the things and are stored in a sterile location. Do not use teat that appears to be a tear or worn out. Make sure you replace the teat regularly.

The sterilized technique followed for these objects is boiling or steam sterilization.

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