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Parenting from the Father's point of view

Parenting from the Father's point of view

There is an equal excitement in a man to become a father just like a mother. The feeling could be different and can lead to many aspects. The involvement of a father in Parenthood is equally important for a baby to grow. In recent times, mothers are working and has a same quantum of time to spend with the baby like fathers used to do.

From the time of conception, a fathers is supporting valuable for both the mother and the infant. Father has been talking about the infant provides a sense of relief to the mother and provide a metal support. A father holds the relationship of a mother and infant. He tends to provide a secure environment to the mother which in return helps baby in getting nurturing environment to grow. Father emotional supports and helps a mother to deal with her frustrations of motherhood. Father also helps in satisfying the demands of motherhood.

Whenever we think of a fatherhood, few traits that comes to our mind are as follows

  1. Responsible fathers get involve.
  2. Fathers build self confidence.
  3. Fathers play differently.
  4. Fathers communicate differently.
  5. Fathers discipline differently.
  6. Masculinity and head of family.
  7. Fathers are practical.

Father parent is ‘otherwise parent’ who is far more than a second adult, the baby knows the family after the mother. Fathers bring positive benefits to the children that no other person is likely to bring. He provides the economic, psychological and protective support to the family.

Father’s parenting is different than mother’s parenting and important for children holistic development. Fathers play very important role in upbringing of the baby. Fathers are more likely to encourage the risk taking and decision- making methods of dealing with life. Fathers prepare the children for the challenges in life and encourage conceptual communication which helps children expand their intellectual capacities.

Fathers are likely to be less emotional than mothers, so fathers encourage kids to be more competitive and asks the child to know the world whereas mother would like the world to know her child. Father’s exposure towards society and balancing their regular professional and personal life is more equipped with practical learning and pro moral. Fathers provide a support network for children as they grow up to contribute to society.

Hopop believes that parenting is the most difficult job in the world and tries to make life easier for parents. Either a mother or a father helps the child to develop and have a well-rounded approach towards life.

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