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Charcoal Cotton Buds

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Charcoal Cotton Buds

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Charcoal Cotton Buds


Experience our superior ear care Paper Stem Spiral Tip Black Charcoal Cotton Buds. This pack of Carbon Activated Charcoal Ear Cleaning Swabs offers unmatched hygiene and convenience. Infused with black charcoal, these buds boast Anti-Bacterial properties, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning. These cotton buds are gentle on the environment while being firm and durable for your use. The spiral tip design enhances cleaning efficiency, making it easier to remove dirt and impurities.

           Key Features:

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL PROTECTION: Paper Stem Spiral Tip Black Charcoal Cotton Buds are infused with black charcoal, providing powerful Anti-Bacterial properties. This ensures thorough cleaning of your ears, effectively removing dirt, impurities, and excess earwax, promoting ear hygiene and reducing the risk of infections.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE:  These cotton buds are gentle on the environment. They are made with 100% high-quality organic cotton, ensuring safety and non-toxicity for you and your family. The environmentally-conscious design makes them a sustainable choice for your ear care routine.
  • SPIRAL TIP DESIGN: The spiral tip design of these cotton buds enhances cleaning efficiency. The unique design allows them to reach deep into crevices, ensuring a more thorough cleaning experience. This makes them ideal for removing stubborn dirt and maintaining ear cleanliness.
  • CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE: Each pack contains 2 boxes with 100 sticks each, totaling 200 sticks. This ensures long-lasting cleanliness and convenience, making them suitable for regular use. They are versatile and suitable for the entire family, including babies, providing a comfortable and hygienic ear cleaning solution for everyone.
  • HYGIENCE: Their Paper Stem Spiral Tip Black Charcoal Cotton Buds are designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and effectiveness, making them a reliable choice for your ear care needs.

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