Ways to help your picky eater at mealtime

Ways to help your picky eater at mealtime

by Aushi Verma on Jun 16, 2022

When it comes to parenting, it can be really hard not to feel guilt. Some of us feel it more than others, and feeding is no different. There are tons of Products on the internet that Ensure kids’ safety,& Hopop products are jam-packed with great, accurate products on ensuring kids’ Hygiene.

Mealtime. It can be a battlefield - am I right? And if you have a picky or selective eater at home, the stress can feel so overwhelming.

Children sense our anxiety and back off when they feel pressure at mealtime.  Instead, try to encourage your child.  TALK about the physical properties of the food and HOW the food feels when you interact with it.

Most children have a list of foods they usually eat, some they eat “sometimes” and foods they are learning to like.  I call these: “Yes - Sometimes - Not Yet” foods. I encourage families to make a list of these foods

When many adults think of feeding we think of it as a two step process: 1) the food is in front of us 2) we eat said food.

BUT for many children there are many steps they will need to get comfortable with before they will eat the food.  Some examples: tolerating the food on their plate, touching the food, smelling the food, kissing the food, licking the food… the list goes on and on.

INSTEAD OF: Feeling disappointed that your child isn’t trying the piece of chicken on their plate

TRY: Celebrating that they touched and smelled that piece of chicken!

RELAX & take a step back and know that feeding is not going to be perfect all the time.  Children are finicky and can be fussy eaters.  Eating more on some days than others is normal.  The more relaxed we can be during mealtime, the more relaxed our kids will be too.

Feeding kids is something we have to do every-single-day and there are absolutely ways to make it less stressful and more fun!  We can help by encouraging, thinking about our own expectations - and even adding some nutritional value to what our kids ARE eating.